Its native range stretches from the Caucasus to the Amur. It was introduced to Europe in the middle ages and since then it spread almost all across the continent. It is the most common feathered game today. Several subspecies were introduced to Hungary which cross-bred and a hybrid called ”hunting-pheasant” evolved.

They prefer flat or mildly hilly areas. Their optimal habitat is a land with diverse arboreal vegetation, where appropriate feeding, breeding, and hiding places are present.

Hunting methods:

Besides traditional group hunts also seeking hunts with dogs provide a special experience.

On driven hunts a hunter group of 8 – 12 stands around the areas with thick cover and beaters start the drive on a given mark. Big bag pheasant hunts are generally organized this way.
In case of smaller hunting groups seeking hunts or „shrubbing” are also common. In that case 5-6 hunters go with a couple of beaters and dogs searching through ditches, channelbanks and reed-plots. In that case there is also an opportunity to shoot hares and a few ducks.


Hunting season:
pheasant cock: 1st of october – last day of february
pheasant hen: 1st of october – 31th of january