Our services

Preparation of a personal hunting program.


Organizing the hunt fully which includes:

  • the preparation of a hunting offer based on your demands 
  • after accepting the offer the booking of the hunt and preparation of the contract
  • acquiring a hunting permit and getting insurances
  • sending out the invitation letter
  • preparation of a travel route for the hunters coming with their own car and getting a transfer for the hunters traveling by airplane
  • getting an interpreter on demand
  • Choosing and booking the most appropriate accomodation
  • dissection and evaluation of the trophy as well as sending it to a desired location via post on demand
  • acquiring the needed veterinarian and customs documents for the guests outside of the EU
  • if necessary, information about possible tourist programs
  • perparation of the bill and pay-off at the end of the hunt
  • we try to be present during the hunt personally as well as much as possible