Mallard hunt

Hungary counts as the paradise for waterfowl hunters with its favourable conditions. Out of ducks mallards can be hunted, 8 specimens can be taken down daily per hunter.

From august the hunt can be implemented with mallards on the water and the daytime hunt of coots. Both hunting methods attract many foreign guests to Hungary.

Hunting bred mallards is also very popular. At the hunt of these ducks there is no daily limit.

The hunt for mallards at the end of summer and at the beginning of fall can be beautifully combined with pigeon hunts and later with the hunt for pheasant and other small game.


Goose hunt

There is a possibility to hunt for geese on some parts of the country. Exceptional geese habitats are the Danube, the Tisza, the Dráva and bigger fish breeding lakes for example the Hortobágy, Biharugra, Fehértó, Tata, etc. Geese spend the night on the water not like mallards, which fly to agricultural fields to feed in the evening and in the morning. The geese groups sometimes counting thousands of birds spending the night on the water fly off early in the morning to feed on the fields.

The guides dig hunting holes according to the movement of the geese preparing a sucessfull hunt for the guests. Hunting geese can be especially sucessfull in foggy weather when geese fly much lower than usual.

The daily bag of geese can be 4 birds per person.


Hunting season:
Mallard 15th of august – 31th of january
Coot 1st of september – 31th of january
Bean goose, greater white-fronted goose 1st of october – 31th of january
Greylag goose 1st of october – 31th of december