Hunting area: 11.500 Ha      Káld Vas County.
Time: 04.-05. December 2021. We also accept applications for 1 or 2 days.
Number of hunter: 23-25   Number of free places: 5.


Price per person per day:
     0-10 game on the bag: 200 €
10,1-20 game on the bag: 350 €
20,1-30 game on the bag: 450 €
30,1-40 game on the bag: 600 €
40,1-50 game on the bag: 750 €
Over 50 game on the bag: 890 €

The figures in the table above apply to wild boar. If female fallow deer or female red deer are harvested during the hunt, we will calculate them by a factor of 0.7 against 1.0 for wild boar.

Can be shoot: Wild boar, Female red deer, Female fallow deer, Golden jackal, Fox (The golden jackal and the fox aren’t added for the number of bag).
The tuskers haven’t to pay extra!

The hunting process: 3 driven hunts per day

The price includes:
Participation fee
Shooting fee
Organization fee
Beaters cost
Jeep use in the area. 
Packed lunch
Trophy evaluation

Other costs:
Hunting license and insurance 60 € / hunter/ 30 day
Non-hunting participants: 50 € / person
Trophy transfer if necessary

The estimated bag of hunt is approx. 25-50 games / day (c.a.70% Wild boar)


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